Welcome to InTouch

Welcome to Wonderware  InTouch, the quickest and easiest way to create human-machine interface (HMI) applications for the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. InTouch is a component of the Wonderware FactorySuite. InTouch applications span the globe in a multitude of vertical markets including food processing, semiconductors, oil and gas, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, transportation, utilities, and more.

For more information on the operating system versions supported, see “System Requirements.” By using InTouch, you can create powerful, full-featured applications that exploit the key features of Microsoft Windows, including ActiveX controls, OLE, graphics, networking and more. InTouch can also be extended by adding custom ActiveX controls, wizards, generic objects, and creating InTouch QuickScript extensions.

InTouch consists of three major programs, the InTouch Application Manager,

WindowMaker and WindowViewer.

The InTouch Application Manager organizes the applications you create. It also is used to configure WindowViewer as an NT service, to configure Network Application Development (NAD) for client-based and server-based architectures, to configure Dynamic Resolution Conversion (DRC) and/or distributed alarming. The DBDump and DBLoad database utilities are also launched from the Application Manager.

WindowMaker is the development environment, where object-oriented graphics are used to create animated, touch-sensitive display windows. These display windows can be connected to industrial I/O systems and other Microsoft Windows applications.

WindowViewer is the runtime environment used to display the graphic windows created in WindowMaker. WindowViewer executes InTouch QuickScripts, performs historical data logging and reporting, processes alarm logging and reporting, and can function as a client and a server for both DDE and SuiteLink communication protocols.


WindowMaker Program Elements

WindowMaker is the development environment for InTouch. The WindowMaker graphical user interface adheres to Windows 2000 and Windows NT GUI standards. WindowMaker supports floating and docking toolbars, right-mouse click menus throughout for quick access to frequently used commands and a customizable color palette that provides 16.7 million color support. (The color support is limited only by your video card capability.).

WindowMaker’s Application Explorer provides you with a powerful, graphical method for navigating and configuring your InTouch applications. It provides you with easy access to WindowMaker’s most commonly used commands and functions such as, all windows commands, all configuration commands and all

InTouch QuickScript editors. Additionally, the Application Explorer will display all installed add-on programs such as SQL Access Manager, SPC Pro and Recipe Manager and it provides you with a customizable application launcher.

You can configure the Application Explorer to launch any other FactorySuite

program or Windows program to quickly switch between HMI configuration, I/O Server configuration and control configuration.


Using WindowMaker

By setting various properties for WindowMaker and WindowViewer, you can

customize the functionality and final appearance of your application. For example, you can specify what menus you want available in WindowViewer, you can include company names in the title bar of your application, and so on. This chapter describes how to configure WindowMaker and WindowViewer, work with WindowMaker’s windows, edit and arrange graphic objects, and how to install and use wizards and ActiveX controls.


Simple Objects

Complex Objects

Customizing Your Development Environment

Working with WindowMaker Windows

Working with Graphic Objects

Arranging Objects in your Window

Working with Images and Bitmaps

Working with Text Objects

Working with Lines and Outlines

Working with Wizards

InTouch Windows Control Wizards

Working with ActiveX Controls

Configuring an ActiveX Control

Customizing Your Runtime Environment

Running WindowViewer as an NT Service


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