Three Reasons Why Terrorist Should be Torture

Terrorist crimes are very dangerous in the world from the beginning until now which can threaten the lives of innocent. Terrorists are very well known by the bombing of a region or uprising as a terrorist case in Sarinah, Jakarta on 14 January 2016, they committed suicide by using a homemade bomb. Terrorists are acts that violate human rights because they kill and torture of women and children without mercy. The question “Should we torture terrorists to get information?” I agree about this, there are three reasons why we need to punish terrorists.

A terrorist organizations certainly have a leader who as commander of a strategy to launch a mission penerrorran, with our force members were caught, we could get this information. This coercion is an advantage for the security agencies, because they can learn the characteristics of an enemy leader before they embark on a mission to capture him. HQ or headquarters, a terrorist leader must have a headquarters that is used to store weapons, ammunition, food, and as the resting place of soldiers. Obtain information about the enemy’s headquarters is an advantage for the soldiers, the presence of leaks about the headquarters, they easily fit into enemy headquarters and the headquarters sabotage. A mission certainly has a plan, with the imposition of this system, we can easily get the information about the plans of the terrorists, so that we can easily avoid it.

If practically torturing terrorists violate human rights, whether they do it right? do not they also violate human rights because they are tortured for information. Terrorists or spies Reviews their view morality as above the law. So, they have no incentive to co-operate under normal circumstances. However, the victim is psychologically broken down, Because extreme physical Suffering makes the victim think of nothing but the pain and the prospect of pain. Everything the victim thinks of is shaped by the experiences of interrogation. The terrorist is made to feel powerless and dependent, Because somebody else is controlling what they feel and think. When a torturer has this much power over someone the victim’s only aim is to please Reviews their torturer, Because they seem to be so powerful and important. The suspect is then made to hand over the needed information. Even if they give misleading information, an agency can check and, if the information was false, they can continue to torture, until honest information is given. If people do say anything under torture it is Likely that some of it will be true.

With the torture makes many terrorists for the attack and returned to ordinary people. Decreasing the number of members of the terrorist makes police and other security agencies become easier in the face of terrorist lack of human resources. so that terrorists will seek more members of which takes a long time, so that the police have time to practice to prepare for the impending danger.

Terorris suspect torture is the best method to get the information about next plans of bombardment and the location their headquarter,  so the security agencies to easily capture them with accurate information and to make the public safe without worrying about the terror bombing.


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